God's Plan For Money | The Blessed Business

God’s Plan For Money

Have you ever wondered what is God’s plan for money? The truth is, He certainly has a plan for money and in this article, we are going to touch on several key areas where God’s plan for money intersects with your life. Money must be connected to purpose Everything God does or creates has purpose…

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What is business as mission? | The Blessed Business

What Is Business As Mission?

The following are two of the best answers to the question ‘what is Business as Mission’ (BAM): “Business As Mission is utilizing our career or business to advance the Kingdom of God by demonstrating Christian values in the context of business and by facilitating ministry with human and financial resources.” Pastor Caleb Adams | Christian Life…

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Starting Something Big | Big Ideas | Flesh or Flush Method | The Blessed Business

Starting Something Big

We all want to… but you’re doing it wrong You know what I’m talking about. Those ‘BIG’ ideas that come to you when you’re in the shower or walking the dog. It could be a new business idea, a movement, or an incredible invention. As soon as the thought comes to you, you know that…

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