Being A Go-Giver | Interview With Bob Burg

In this episode, we interview best-selling author Bob Burg. He and John David Mann wrote The Go-Giver which is one of our all-time favorite books that we highly recommend to everyone who is looking to achieve stratospheric success.

To learn more about Bob Burg, his books, online courses, keynotes, and more visit his website

Feel free to use our direct links below to order your own copy of The Go-Giver or one of the other books in the series:

Book Link: The Go-Giver

Book Link: Go-Givers Sell More

Book Link: The Go-Giver Leader

Book Link: The Go-Giver Influencer

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The Blessed Business Podcast
The Blessed Business Podcast
Being A Go-Giver | Interview With Bob Burg
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