Empowering Christian entrepreneurs to launch and grow blessed businesses

Connect with purpose. Live in the flow of blessing.

When your finances and vocational efforts are aligned with Biblical principles and focused on helping further the kingdom mission; God has a vested interest in your personal prosperity.

What is Business As Mission (BAM)?

“Business As Mission is utilizing our career or business to advance the Kingdom of God by demonstrating Christian values in the context of business and by facilitating ministry with human and financial resources.”

Pastor Caleb Adams | Christian Life Memphis

Living in the flow of blessing

Most people want to be lucky. Many crave success. But what is better than both of those? Living in the flow of God's blessing. What is the flow of blessing? It is the favor of God actively manifest in your life as a direct response to your intentional alignment with biblical promises, principles, and connection to the purpose of blessing.

God wants you to be blessed

"The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it..." Proverbs 10:22


The Bible is full of promises that demonstrate just how much God wants to bless us! God desires to bless His people so they can, in turn, be a blessing to others.


Living in the flow of blessing requires actively bringing ourselves into alignment with Biblical principles like diligence, generosity, integrity, etc.

These principles are critical elements of the blessed business blueprint for success.


God wants you to have an abundance of joy, peace, finances, etc. so you can be better equipped to fulfill the kingdom's mission of spreading the gospel and giving to others.