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Breaking Free From A Poverty Mindset

Breaking Free From A Poverty Mindset | The Blessed Business

Wealth creation is not magic, luck, or solely dependant on having a particular last name. Wealth is created. And it all starts with breaking free from a poverty mindset. Otherwise, you will continue to struggle to gain wealth. There are proven principles and processes that if followed, will lead to wealth. Not everyone will experience…

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Side Hustle Accounting Tips

Side Hustle Accounting Tips | The Blessed Business

We all know that accounting is necessary for taxes, but most of us hate doing bookwork or simply don’t have the time. As a budding entrepreneur, the last thing you need to be stressed about is your business books. The side hustle accounting tips in this article will help simplify your bookkeeping so you can…

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Do the Rich Deserve Their Wealth?

Do the rich deserve their wealth | The Blessed Business

Being ‘uber-rich’ is a matter of much debate today and it has many people asking the question, do the rich deserve their wealth? However, before you jump to conclusions about other people’s net worth, take a look at these three concepts. Concept 1: Wealth is subject to perspective Let’s put ‘rich’ in perspective. According to…

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6 Steps To Making 6 Figures

Your Hundred Grand Plan- 6 Steps To Making 6 Figures | The Blessed Business

Many people dream about making 6 figures (or even 7 figures). Most entrepreneurs start businesses with the goal of making ‘good’ money. The shocking truth, however, is that most small business owners don’t actually make a 6 figure income. According to a study by Fundera, “86.3% of small business owners said they take a yearly…

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Thinking Like Rich People

thinking like rich people | The Blessed Business

Being poor is different than being broke. Poor is a mentality but being broke is a fixable financial situation. To become rich you must stop thinking like poor people and start thinking like rich people regardless of your current financial state. I was recently listening to the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” and the…

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Living In The Flow Of Blessing

Living in the flow of blessing sm | The Blessed Business

Most people want to be lucky. Many crave success. But what is better than both of those? Living in the flow of God’s blessing. What is the flow of blessing? It is the favor of God actively manifest in your life as a direct response to your intentional alignment with Biblical promises, principles, and connection to…

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God’s Plan For Money

God's Plan For Money | The Blessed Business

Have you ever wondered what is God’s plan for money? The truth is, He certainly has a plan for money and in this article, we are going to touch on several key areas where God’s plan for money intersects with your life. Money must be connected to purpose Everything God does or creates has purpose…

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What Is Business As Mission?

What is business as mission | The Blessed Business

One of the best answers to the question ‘what is Business as Mission’ (BAM) comes from Jo Plummer on the Business As Mission website: Business as mission is demonstrating what the Kingdom of God is like in the context of business – and as we do so, engaging with the world’s more pressing social, economic,…

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Starting Something Big

Starting Something Big | Big Ideas | Flesh or Flush Method | The Blessed Business

We all want to… but you’re doing it wrong You know what I’m talking about. Those ‘BIG’ ideas that come to you when you’re in the shower or walking the dog. It could be a new business idea, a movement, or an incredible invention. As soon as the thought comes to you, you know that…

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