Being A Go-Giver | Interview With Bob Burg

In this episode, we interview best-selling author Bob Burg. He and John David Mann wrote The Go-Giver which is one of our all-time favorite books that we highly recommend to everyone who is looking to achieve stratospheric success. To learn more about Bob Burg, his books, online courses, keynotes, and more visit his website…

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What is business as mission? | The Blessed Business

What Is Business As Mission?

This is a brief introduction to the concept of Business As Mission or BAM. For a more in-depth conversation on this topic check out our interview with Pastor Caleb Adams here.

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Pastor Caleb Adams | The Blessed Business

Pastor Caleb Adams: Living In The Flow of Blessing

In this episode Pastor Caleb Adams shares some practical wisdom from the Bible for living in the flow of God’s blessing. As he mentions in the episode, “The flow of God’s blessing is directly connected to how many Biblical principles you are willing to incorporate into the work or field of labor you are in.”…

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Chris Riggins | Christian Values At Work In Business | The Blessed Business

Chris Riggins: Christian Values At Work In Business

Chris Riggins is the founder of Riggins Painting and leads a team of exceptional craftsmen. In this interview, he shares some practical ways that they incorporate Christian values in their business to better serve their clients and grow a great company that is connected to the mission of the Kingdom of God.

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Kevin Gatwood | Perseverance | The Blessed Business

Kevin Gatwood: Perseverance

Kevin Gatwood has an entrepreneural spirit that never quits. In this interview, he shares some of the things that keeps him going when the going gets tough.

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